Council of Flames

The Council of Flames is the group of wizards within Correndir and Hagara. They are widely known for being skilled Invokers, and the leader is named First Invoker. The Council of Flames actively serves the king and any wizard who refuses to do so is hunted down and killed. The Council of Flames has a standing treaty with the Council of Light that wizards from their lands may travel freely through Hagara and Correndir, unarrested.

The council memebers are always seen wearing a set of hooded robes or a hooded cloak with their symbol upon it. The Council of Flames’ symbol is that of a scarlet dragon with the runes for ‘Avadakedavra’ or ‘I destroy what I speak’ written around it.

First Invoker——
The current First Invoker is a powerful wizard prodigy. He acended to the position within only 3 years of graduating from the wizard’s academy, which he did in only 8 years, much less than the usual 18. He is well known and well liked within the magic-friendly community, and widely regarded as a tyrant and a villain by anybody who opposes the empire. In the last 6 years of his time as First Invoker, he has single-handedly snuffed out 4 rebellions with armies larger than 25,000 people.

Very little is known about his personal life except that he seems to find the Emporer annoying, and has had frequent disputes with the king about the way things have been run. There are growing concerns within the country of unrest between the wizards and the King, but they are no specific issues to point at.

Council of Flames

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