Dragonians are a group of Dragons who decided to take humanoid form. They are scaled, have tails, have wings, have claws, and are capable of turning into a full dragon. They are immortal, ‘living’ for up to 1200 years unless un-natural causes kill them. After this, they decide to return to being a dragon and cannot return to their humanoid form. They cannot breathe fire, and they cannot fly.

Dragonians have a +1 to ac that is only effective while not wearing other armor. They have a +1 to unarmed damage, due to their claws. They have a +1 to constitution, +1 to intellect, and a -2 to charisma. Their wings, while not being useful for flight, allow them to direct falls. If a dragonian were to jump from something he can pick exactly where he will land, as long as it is within a reasonable distance of where he jumped. He need not make any roll for this. They can also jump twice as far as a human could. They have infravision, as an elf.

If a Dragonian ever finds it’s life threatened it can turn into a full sized dragon, but it cannot ever return to it’s previous form and is therefore considered to be an NPC from that point on. In this form it is unlikely anything but the absolute strongest of enemies would even have a hope of fighting the Dragonian.

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