Note: This entire section of information is stuff I, as the DM, am deciding to tell you to SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of surviving in this world. There is nothing saying your characters would know a damned bit of this, except maybe rumor which they would likely disbelieve. As such, complain not about the fact you ‘should know’ this or that, as you damned well should not, unless you are a changeling.

Any full-fledged Faerie (NOT Changelings) is incapable of telling a direct lie. They could not, therefore, say their name is Bob. However, if anybody, ever, at any point in time, in an event that they knew of, had called them Bob, the Faerie could then say that it is named Bob, as this would then be added to a list of names the Faerie has acquired, tho it may choose not to use this name. It would not be obligated to give you a list of it’s names. All Faeries use the fact they cannot lie to deceive others, commonly outsmarting others using half-truths or leading the person to false answers, though if directly asked if it was doing such and such the answer would have to be truthful.

If anybody ever says a Faerie’s name three times, while intending to do so (or not intending to do so, if within the Faerie realm), the one it uses to identify it self as (or in the case of some Fae, one of it’s many names), the Faerie will be summoned to the spot. It may not arrive instantly, it may not depart from it’s original position instantly, but it will show up at some point to answer the summons, and chances are good it will not be very happy with your summoning, especially one of the more powerful Fae.

All Fae (again, excluding Changelings) have a weakness to pure iron. If they touch it, they will be incapacitated while they attempt to remove it, unable to act. Should anyone threaten a Fae using iron they will take it as a dire offense, and unless they are killed vengeance will come for the person who dared to do so. Even bringing iron into the Fae realm will upset the residence to future consequences in most situations. There are, however, times where it is worth the risk of this, of course. That being said, leaving any iron in the Fae realm will lead to dire consequences every time, and they will be absolutely furious about it; you will likely not forget that you did so before you die, which will likely be soon after.

Fae, in addition to not being able to lie, have a strong sense of even trades and honor in deals. As such, any deal made with any Faerie, no matter how lowly, will always be respected. This does not, however, mean the person making the deal didn’t get screwed: as the Faerie may very well end up keeping to the letter of the deal as opposed to the spirit of it. As such, let’s say you deal with a Faerie and it says ‘I will not harm you in punishment for refusal of a request". You then refuse a request and the Faerie gets annoyed with you, deciding to light you aflame. This would be because the Fae would simply use the excuse ’I did it in spite, not in punishment’, allowing a loophole in the matter, which you wouldn’t be able to do a damned thing to prevent (though there wouldn’t necessarily be anything stopping you from trying).

There are two distinct sets of Fae, which share a general likeness to other of their kind, though this is only limited to their thoughts and allegiances, not to appearance or strengths.



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