Fighter Starting Items

Fighters start with 5d4 x10 sP (50-200), which is more than any other class. This is because they need this money for their weapons and equipment however.

Weapons of your choice, sorry but you’re going to have to decide those and look up costs on your own, ask the DM to convert things into the correct currency values.
Armor of your choice, I suggest Chain Mail (75 sp, AC mod of 5), Splint Mail (80 sp, AC mod of 6), or Hide (15 sp, AC mod of 4) depending on your budget, mostly depending on your weapons.
Rope 50 ft. (1sp)
Backpack (2sp)
Belt Pouch LG x2 (2sp total)
Flint and Steel (50cp)
A quiver (80cp) or Bolt Case (1sp) depending on ranged weapon
Belt x2 (60cp total)
Boots(soft) x2 (2sp total)
Breeches x2 (4sp)
Cloak(good cloth) (80cp)
Gloves x2 (2sp)
Food & Water for 2 weeks (1sp)

That covers my Suggested Items for a Fighter. I also have a few suggestions on Non-Weapon Proficiencies below, but note that some professions only need one person with that knowledge. These are not required, they just add a bit more customization to your character. It is absolutely possible you will go the entire campaign without ever using these, or you may use them multiple times per session, this is up to you.

Some good potential choices:
Armorer (2 slots)
Bowyer/Fletcher (1)
Hunting (1)
Weaponsmithing (3)
Carpentry (1)
Mining (2)
Stonemasonry (1)

Fighter Starting Items

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