First Session

The group will start as members of a mercenary group. The group has just formed and doesn’t have any additional members, nor are they well known. In fact, they dont have a name for their mercenary group, and the players must decide that IMMEDIATELY! (YELL AT THEM! MAKE THEM DO YOUR BIDDING! YOU ARE THE ALL-POWERFUL DM!) Quite literally: they have nothing except their starting equipment. They must start to advertise for their group as needed, ask around for initial jobs, create a name for their group, and create popularity for themselves.

They will start the game in the Capital City of Correndir, which has 7 Correndir Capital City – Inns. There are also 4 Correndir Capital City – Blacksmith Shops, 3 Correndir Capital City – Archery Shops, 2 Correndir Capital City – Alchemical Shops, 3 Correndir Capital City – Weaponsmiths, 2 Correndir Capital City – Armorsmiths, and 2 Correndir Capital City – Herbal Shops. There’s a Correndir Capital City – Book Shop, which just happens to have maps. There is a Correndir Capital City – General Shop, there’s a Correndir Capital City – Wizard’s Shop with stranger items that only wizards and scholors need.

Now, the players are quite literally standing in the middle of the city without the damndest clue as to what to do yet, which they’ll be deciding whenever they choose to do so. (They need to find a job. Somebody should be smart enough to go to an Inn for such, if they are’t swat everybody involved and direct them to it, it’s the first session and players are either too new to be left alone or experienced enough to know that they are getting directed around until they learn the world).

First Session – Group Looking For Work Don’t Tell The Players
First Session – The Bandit Complex
First Session – Traps and Enemies
First Session – The Kobolds’s Combat Stats
First Session – The Bandit Leaders
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First Session

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