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The Shifters of the Hawk

The hawkfolk are a tribe of beastfolk that are natural-born shifters. The form they take is that of a hawk. Various types of hawks organize themselves into clans, led in a sort of pack mentality with a single alpha male and alpha female controlling the clan. They tend to live in and around the mountains and cliffs, and dislike enclosed spaces. They often eschew roofs for their houses in favor of stretching canvas over the top of their residence, like the top of a tent, held up in the middle by a pole or pillar of wood.

A typical hawkfolk stands about the same height as a human, and weighs in at around 140 pounds, the hollow bird bones accounting for the loss of weight from what would be normal. Their hair tends to be worn long, and is multicolored in the shade of their feathers. They are clean-shaven, and have the characteristic golden eyes of all beastfolk. And, like all beastfolk, they also take on some habits of their shifted forms, often moving in ways remniscent of their avian forms.

Hawkfolk live in small clans of 3 to 9, with a clan’s territory amounting to a mile per clan member radius around their homes. They are fond of visitors, but also of practical jokes and fun, and seem flighty to outsiders. They are easily angered, but also are easily placated.

Stats and “Crunch” Data

+1 to Dexterity, -1 to Constitution

Age Range: 0 – 400 years
Middle Age – 100yrs (-1 Str/Con, +1 Int/Wis)
Old Age – 200yrs (-2 Str/Dex or -1 Con, +1 Wis)
Venerable – 300yrs (-1 Str/Dex/Con, +1 Int/Wis)

Racial Granted Proficiency: Observation, Hunting


Age Form AC Mv HD THAC0 #atk Dmg Size
Young Blood Hawk 7 18 1+1 19 3 2(1-4)(1-6) S(2’tall)
Middle Age Large Hawk 6 18 2+1 18 3 2(1-4)(1-8) M(4’tall)
Old Age Giant Falcon 5 18 3+1 17 3 2(1-6)(1-10) L(6’tall)
Venerable Giant Eagle 4 18 4+1 16 3 2(1-6)(2-12) L(10’ tall)

Blood Hawk Form looks like a normal hawk with golden eyes.
Large Hawk Form looks like a larger blood hawk with golden eyes.
Falcon Form looks like a huge falcon with golden eyes.
Giant Eagle Form is an even bigger falcon with feathers of a single color.

Racial Abilities
Blessed with a combination of peripheral vision, good hearing, and mental stamina, hawkfolk are very resistant to surprise. They receive a +1 when rolling to avoid surprise.

Keen Eyesight
Hawkfolk can perceive details at twice the range of characters with normal vision. This does not grant the ability to see in the dark, nor does it convey unique peripheral vision. +1 on rolls to hit with a missile weapon at long range.

Steady Hand
Hawkfolk are excellent shots with bows and crossbows. They have an unusually good eye for distance, a knack for judging a tricky shot, and a smooth and easy aim and release. If the hawkfolk takes a full round to aim his shot (ie voluntarily holds his action until last in the round) he suffers no penalty for a medium-range shot and only a -2 penalty for a long-range shot. Using this only allows for 1 shot per round.

Climate Sense
Hawkfolk have an innate sense of impending (within one hour) changes in the weather. A successful Wisdom check must be made before the character can make the determination. Other circumstances may be obvious enough that a roll is unnecessary.

Animal Empathy – Hawk
Possesses the inherent ability to relate to hawks. Will generally receive a positive reaction from hawks and can soothe the fears of captives relatively easily.

Has difficulties with the niceties of social interaction, and is quick to take insult at any number of slights, real or imagined. Rolls a Wisdom check when the character is given some cause to be insulted. If the check fails, the character reacts to the slight. Will normally not cause the character to attack others, though it is conceivable. More often, it will just make the situation worse. Negotiations with a merchant are broken off, a prospective employer changes their mind, or a guard denies the party entry to a city or castle.

Bruise Easily
Every time hawkfolk suffer blunt damage, they suffer an extra 1 point of damage per die rolled. This recovers at a rate of 1 point per turn. If injured in a fight, recovery doesn’t start until after the fight’s conclusion. If the hawkfolk’s hit points are reduced to zero, and some of the points are bruise damage, the raven folk is merely unconscious, and is not bleeding out.


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