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Prime Stat(s): Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom
Ability Requirements: 13 Strength, 13 Dexterity, 14 Consititution, 14 Wisdom

A ranger is a woodsman who lives by his weapon and his wits.
The abilities of a ranger make him excellent at tracking, woodcraft, and spying.
A ranger’s skill at tracking improves by +1 every 3 levels.

Granted Weapon Proficiencies: 4 Discretionary
Any weapon proficiencies
Granted Nonweapon Proficiencies:
Tracking, Animal Empathy, 2 Discretionary
Any fighter, priest, or rogue proficiencies.

Hit Dice: d8
Rangers with higher than 16 Dexterity get a 10% experience bonus.
Can use most magical items including Potions, Protection Scrolls, Most Rings, and Enchanted Armor, Weapons, and Shields
At Name-Level, an unaligned ranger may get offers of retainer from others.
At Name-Level, a ranger may attract followers. The followers do not expect to be paid, but loot is to be shared and these followers expect to be treated very well.
The chance of attracting followers is 5% per level, + CHA, these followers could be denizens of the wood, or other rangers. These followers arrive over the course of several months. The ranger must be able to independantly communicate with followers, else they simply mutely accompany him on his journeys. The ranger is not obligated to take on followers.

Special Abilities

Dual Wielding
A ranger can dual-wield with no penalty, but only when wearing studded leather or lighter armor. A ranger cannot use a shield when fighting this way and he suffers standard roll penalties when dual-wielding in heavier armor.

Thief Abilities
A ranger can try to hide in shadows or move silently, but only when wearing studded leather or lighter armor.
The chance of success for this is halved in non-natural surroundings. These abilities are not possible when wearing heavier armor.

Favored Enemy
A ranger chooses a favored enemy upon reaching 3rd level. He has a +4 to attack rolls versus that creature and a -4 to reaction rolls versus the creatures if the enemy is hated. The ranger will actively seek out favored enemy in preference to all other foes, unless a much greater danger is present.

Animal Empathy
The ranger has a limited degree of animal empathy, with which he can attempt to modify a natural creature’s reaction by 1. He can befriend domestic or non-hostile animals immediately. He can also easily discern qualities of a creature. An animal must save versus rods if wild or trained to attack, at a -1 penalty per 3 experience levels of the ranger.

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