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The Shifters of the Raven

The ravenfolk are a tribe of beastfolk that are natural-born shifters. The form they take is that of a raven. Unlike other beastfolk, ravenfolk identify themselves as a seperate race, calling themselves “kenku” rather than beastfolk. They tend to live near, but not in, big cities, or else travel along the roads, often with merchant caravans. They have a love of shiny things, and often become adept thieves and con artists.

A typical raven folk stands just shy of a normal human at 5’3", and weighs in at around 110 pounds. Their hair is blue-black, and they are always clean-shaven. They look heavier than they are, and surprise their enemies with their unexpected speed and dexterity. They have the golden eyes of the beastfolk, despite their asserted non-affiliation with the race of shifters.

Raven folk live in large groups, of 20 to 200, and generally travel together along the countryside, from one large town to another. They are treated with wary tolerance and sometimes with outright dislike, akin to gypsies of other races.

Stats and “Crunch” Data

+1 to Wisdom, +1 to Charisma, -1 to Strength, -1 to Constitution

Age Range: 0 – 350 years
Middle Age – 100yrs (-1 Str/Con, +1 Int/Wis)
Old Age – 200yrs (-2 Str/Dex or -1 Con, +1 Wis)
Venerable – 300yrs (-1 Str/Dex/Con, +1 Int/Wis)

Racial Granted Proficiency: Observation


Age Form AC Mv HD THAC0 #atk Dmg Size
Young Raven 7 18 1+1 20 1 1-4 S(1’tall)
Middle Age Large Raven 6 18 2+1 19 1 1-6 M(3’tall)
Old Age Huge Raven 5 18 3+1 18 1 1-8 L(6’tall)
Venerable Giant Raven 4 18 4+1 17 3 2(1-6)(2-12) L(10’tall)

Raven Form looks like a normal raven with golden eyes.
Large Raven Form looks like a large raven with golden eyes.
Huge Raven Form looks like a huge raven with golden eyes.
Giant Raven Form is a giant raven with a pure coat of a single color.

Racial Abilities
Keen Eyesight
Ravenfolk can perceive details at twice the range of characters with normal vision. This does not grant the ability to see in the dark, nor does it convey unique peripheral vision. +1 on rolls to hit with a missile weapon at long range.

Ravenfolk have a natural ability to fall into a role, and to project that role believably to others. +2 to all rolls made with the disguise proficiency.

Ravenfolk have the innate ability to sense the motivations, emotions, and possibly the intentions of others. If a ravenfolk observes a group of individuals for 1-6 rounds, they can announce and roll a Wisdom check. Success means that some significant information was gained relating to the discussion or plans of those individualss.

Ravenfolk have a knack for dissuading the suspicions of others. The ravenfolk must speak the same language as the individual whom he is trying to impress, and a role-play attempt is definitely encouraged. A wisdom roll is made to see if the attempt is successful.

Animal Empathy – Raven
Possesses the inherent ability to relate to ravens. Will generally receive a positive reaction from ravens, and can soothe the fears of captives relatively easily.

Ravenfolk have a finely-pitched, well-modulated voice (ie, the kind of voice that everyone likes to hear). +2 bonus to singing proficiency rolls.

Bruise Easily
Every time ravenfolk suffer blunt damage, they suffer an extra 1 point of damage per die rolled. This recovers at a rate of 1 point per turn. If injured in a fight, recovery doesn’t start until after the fight’s conclusion. If the ravenfolk’s hit points are reduced to zero, and some of the points are bruise damage, the raven folk is merely unconscious, and is not bleeding out.

Ravenfolk are predisposed to covet small shiny things. This must be roleplayed. In particular, bits of shiny glass and gems are particularly coveted.

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