The Eolian

The Eolian is a Noble-class tavern in the Capital City of Correndir. It is located right next to the Noble district. There is a bouncer guarding the entrace to the tavern, and anybody who tries to force their way into the tavern will have to deal with him. He forces people to pay the entrance fee of 1 silver.

Inside the tavern there is a large music stage that musciancs can play on. The fee for doing so is 20 silver pieces. Alternatively, a Musician who proves himself to be of astounding skill will obtain a small insignia, which will earn him free entrance to the bar and allow him to play on the stage free of charge.

Rules within the Tavern are simple enough: DO NOT TALK when people are playing on the stage. You will be escorted out – if the other people present don’t deal with you first.

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The Eolian

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