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The wolffolk are a tribe of beastfolk that are natural-born shifters. The form they take is that of a, you guessed it, wolf. They organize themselves into clans based on the type of wolf they shift into; the timber wolf, the arctic wolf, and others. They live in rural areas, and are very territorial if they feel that anything within their territory is threatened. Often, they move into an established village, and the villagers simply think a new family has moved in, unknowing that the apparent humans are often unrelated to one another.

A typical wolffolk stands around 5’6", and weighs in at around 170 pounds. Their hair tends to be the same shade as their fur, and the men tend to have facial hair of some sort, if not a full beard. Where bearfolk are big-boned, wolffolk are lean, and can most easily pass for humans out of all of the beastfolk. They do have, of course, the characteristic yellow eyes of the beastfolk.

Wolffolk live in packs of 6 to 18, with one pack’s territory amounting to up to two square miles per pack member. They are friendly, but territorial, and will react to a percieved legitimate threat instantly and without hesitation. They are argueably the most dangerous of all beastfolk, and slighted wolffolk are more than likely the reason behind the prevalence of stories of werewolves. Unlike lycanthropes, however, wolffolk have complete control of themselves as much as any other humanoid race. They are however, subject to the same mental limitations of the other races as well. The younger ones lack the strength of a poor soul cursed with lycanthropy, but the elder wolffolk can easily overcome and subdue even the oldest lycanthropes by virtue of cooperation and experience. Indeed, wolffolk see werewolves as very threatening to their well-being, and will drive out or kill any werewolf within their territory.

Stats and “Crunch” Data

+1 to Strength, -1 to Wisdom

Age Range: 0 – 500 years
Middle Age – 175yrs (-1 Str/Con, +1 Int/Wis)
Old Age – 233yrs (-2 Str/Dex or -1 Con, +1 Wis)
Venerable – 350yrs (-1 Str/Dex/Con, +1 Int/Wis)

Racial Granted Proficiency: Hunting


Age Form AC Mv HD THAC0 #atk Dmg Size
Young Wolf 7 18 3 18 1 2-5 S(3’-4’)
Middle Age Worg 6 18 3+3 16 1 2-8 M(4’-7’)
Old Age Dire Wolf 6 18 4+4 14 2 2-8 L(7’-12’)
Venerable Winter Wolf 5 18 6 12 2 2-8 L(7’-12’)

Wolf Form looks like a normal wolf with golden eyes.
Worg Form looks like a smaller dire wolf with golden eyes, not a worg.
Dire Wolf Form looks like a dire wolf with golden eyes.
Winter Wolf Form is the previous dire wolf form with a pure coat of a single color.

Racial Abilities
Can see up to 60ft in the dark.

Blessed with a combination of peripheral vision, good hearing, and mental stamina, wolffolk are very resistant to surprise. They receive a +1 when rolling to avoid surprise.

Keen Hearing
Possesses excellent aural acuity. Can hear the proverbial pin drop. +1 when rolling to avoid surprise. +10% to hear noise if character is a thief.

Keen Olfactory Sense
Has an uncanny sense of smell. +1 bonus to avoiding surprise when the other party might be smelled. +2 when using the hunting proficiency.

Bad Tempered
Has difficulties with the niceties of social interaction, and is quick to take insult at any number of slights, real or imagined. Rolls a Wisdom check when the character is given some cause to be insulted. If the check fails, the character reacts to the slight. Will normally not cause the character to attack others, though it is conceivable. More often, it will just make the situation worse. Negotiations with a merchant are broken off, a prospective employer changes their mind, or a guard denies the party entry to a city or castle.

Animal Empathy – Wolf
Possesses the inherent ability to relate to wolves. Will generally receive a positive reaction from wolves, and can soothes the fears of captives relatively easily.

(Arctic Wolf) Inherent Immunity/Cold
Remains comfortable in conditions that most find chilling and can sometimes avoid the worst effects of cold-based attacks such as white dragon breath. +2 bonus to saves versus cold attacks (only physical cold, not, for example, the chilling touch of a wight).

(Arabian Wolf) Inherent Immunity/Heat
Remains comfortable in conditions that most find hot and can sometimes avoid the worst effects of heat- and fire-based attacks forms. +1 bonus versus against such magical infernos as red dragon breath and the effects of lava or normal fire.


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