The world is shaped exactly like the current world. Everything takes place within Europe, focused mainly within the area where the Romans were. To give players a more hands-on view of the world, the countries within the world are exactly like that of the current one. As such, Italy in the real world would be the exact same shape and size of another country and government within the campaign. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. Italy and a few other countries that are directly adjacent to it make up a single country, but one could take a world map and overlay on top of the countries to get the exact markings for the country within the campaign.

I will, slowly, be making a list of countries within the campaign and what real-world countries they take the place of. Nobody within these countries knows that places like America exist, even gods don’t know this. If somebody wanted to they could change this matter for the purpose of using those areas, but it currently is not being used within the campaign as I am running it.

Based on this ( map, the main country, Correndir, would cover the area of Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and a portion of France and Germany that would create a circular border on the sides with those countries (I admit, a less than perfect image of what it would look like, but better than otherwise, no?).

The rest of Germany & France, in addition to Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal make up the country of Hagara.

Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belorussia, and Ukraine make up the country of Carna (place holder name).

Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and the countries in between, make up the Shadowlands.

The area of Moldavia is considered no-man’s land.


The country of Correndir is led by a King named Alzed. He is human, but doesn’t age. Popular theory is that he has magic that he uses to keep himself from aging. He rules with an iron fist, and every mage within the country is kept in strict order. He is known for being ruthless, and any mage that steps outside his very strict rulings is swiftly removed. That being the case, he mainly leaves it up to the Councils to deal with the mages and police themselves, only twice having to interfere within the last millenia. Every full-sized city within the country has a group of mages within the city guard, they are highly trained war-mages and police with an iron fist.

Small villages will tend to not have any mages, but will have the ability to call for a wizard to come to the village. Mages act as judges and generally executioners within the country. If a judge is ever needed a mage, even just an initiate, has the ability to act as such, presuming he has obtained the legal qualifications and signets necessary. In any event requiring legal representatives, a Mage who specializes in such can act as the representative necessary.

Correndir is allied with Hagara, the country to their north and west. There is free travel and trade between the two countries, and they both use the same currency type.


Hagara is led by a very recclusive man, he avoids public appearances like the plague, and this being in a time where the plague is a big deal. Whenever he does travel it is always wearing a heavy claok with the hood drawn, and a heavy pair of boots and gloves. In fact, nobody has ever seen so much as a hint of his skin. Rumors abound that he is a very powerful individual, and the current story is that he became king by challenging the previous ruler to a duel and winning. After such, the rest of the King’s forces attacked him, and he single handedly killed anybody who stood against him before claiming the throne as his own. Before this, the man had never been heard of and nobody remembers his prescence. Mages within Hagara belong to the same Council as those of Correndir, the Council of Flames. They as such have the same legal capabilities, but they are rarely seen actively doing guard duties, unlike in Correndir.

A mage in Hagara is slightly more difficult to find than in Correndir, but if one is needed one will eventually be found. Both of these countries are at war with the Shadowlands, but they have not, as of yet, risked an attack on the Shadowlands.


The Shadowlands are a mysterious place filled with Fae, Wolves, And Every Other Type of Monster Under The Sun. The area was magically cursed 1874 years ago, and the land has received no sunlight since. The curse seems to only affect the sight of beings, as the land is not colder than would be expected and plants grow just fine. In fact, many a vampire has found himself standing in a patch of sunlight he could not see, bursting into flames within the shadowlands. As such, there are no known vampires within the lands.

Any player with even a little common sense could probably guess that the Shadowlands will be a major source of your conflicts within the campaign, and I will not attempt to hide this as, well, it really is quite obvious.


The country of Carna is the main home of the dwarves, but, as they live underground, is inhabited by Elves as well. The above ground is mostly forest, except for where the elves have made their homes. There are official governments and what not, but they are for the elves and others are not welcome to interfere with their social workings.

The Dwarven portion of the country, the underground, is full of large caverns covered in Dwarven homes and mines of all kinds. The Elves and Dwarves have, somehow, managed to come to an agreement to leave each other alone and in exchange, if anything ever threatens the country as a whole, they will join together in it’s defense.

The Dwarves of the country have no issue with other people traveling to their lands for trade and bringing news of the outside world, but it is exactly that – the outside world. They do not feel obligated to keep the rest of the world alive, and until something threatens them they are switzerland. Which isn’t to say you couldn’t bribe them into helping, but it’d be damn hard to do and would take time.


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