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This campaign is slowly being worked on but there is no set time for when it will be used, as such it will not be making significant progress on a regular basis.

Note: In this campaign there is a significant amount of information that is the same if not at least based upon the Dresden Files. If you’ve read the series, you have a large advantage over other players. However, you must realize that TDF was written in modern times, not ancient. This takes place before the widespread knowledge of gunpowder. As such, plenty of things have changed to be more realistic in a world without widespread technological innovations.

For example: there is a council of wizards. They do have rules, and they are quite simple. They do not however know everything and cannot guarantee their ability to police the world, or even a country. As such, their rules are there and if they ever learn you broke them, hell hath no fury like what is coming for you, but it is quite reasonable to say you could prevent them from learning of it. Also: the Council(s, there are multiple) would have domain only in one, or a few neighboring countries. Other continents, or far away countries, would almost certainly have separate Councils.

That being said, some things will be exactly the same: the Fae courts would be EXACTLY like in the books, as the Fae don’t need technology for a damned thing. Also, humans haven’t invented their big scary weapons, so the supernatural world doesn’t give a rats ass if humans know they are there: so chances are good people DO know they are there.

Wizards also have Death Curses, information on which can be found Here

I also very much suggest that anybody who has not read the Dresden Files read over the Faerie page, linked Here, as it has information that will make your life in this world easier.

I also suggest that players read the information on the Council of Flames and the Council of Light, found Here as it holds valuable information.

The campaign uses monetarial rules which are unusual: 100 copper to a silver, 100 silver to a gold, 1000 gold to a platinum. Silver is general currency, gold is used for large purcheses, platinum is used to purchase land. The monetarial conversion rates to assist the DM with loot gained are Here

The first session can be found Here but, of course, the page is DM only for now :)
The Second Session can be found Here, also DM only.

I made a thing to assist people in getting their items for their character to start the game; Here


Asamu Ballade